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Sanctuary of the Wild Souls founder Ryn Gargulinski [Rynski] offers a variety of services.  They are available online and in person in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas of Southwest Florida. 



Reiki is divine healing energy

channeled from the heavens, through the Reiki master/practitioner and into you. As a certified Reiki Master, I've been serving as a channel for Reiki for more than seven years, helping dozens of people, pets and the entire planet live in a state of wholeness, harmony and love.

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is divine healing energy, channeled from the heavens into you. 

It restores your free-flow of energy. Releases pent-up stress, anxiety, emotions.

Reinvigorates your body, mind and soul.

Online Reiki Healing Sessions | Cape Coral Reiki Healing
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Reiki Certifications: Level I, II, III


Reiki has three levels of initiation, or training.

  • Level I: Can give Reiki to self and others
  • Level II: Learn basic Reiki symbols
  • Level III: Advanced symbols
Reiki Master Certification | Reiki Practitioner Certification
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Spiritual Guidance + Healing Session

The power of the universe and your spiritual support team are all too happy to help with your success. As a spiritual coach and mentor, I'm here to help you heal, let go, and soar.

Schedule a coaching session with a mini Reiki session as the finale.

Spiritual Coaching | Spiritual Guidance + Healing
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Weddings, funerals, baptisms, vow renewals and other ceremonies commemorate momentous experiences and rites of passage. As an ordained minister, I am legally able to serve as an officiant at ceremonies across the United States. Cape Coral weddings are a popular pick, as are Florida pet funerals.


House blessings, space clearings, energetic cord cuttings and full-moon energy activations are just a few examples of rituals I perform. Rituals consist of a set of actions designed to either produce a specific outcome or celebrate and honor an event or occasion. Customized rituals welcome. Contact me to talk details.


Schedule a virtual ceremony or ritual from anywhere or an in-person ceremony or ritual in Southwest Florida. Main areas include Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and others in and around Lee County and Collier County. Travel options available.  

Cape Coral Weddings, Vow Renewals

 As an ordained minister who lets Spirit guide my creativity, I am here to help you personalize, customize and make your wedding absolutely magnificent. 

Wedding websites, invitation design and help with writing speeches, toasts and personalized vows also available.

Cape Coral Officiant | Cape Coral Minister
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Cape Coral Funerals, Pet Funerals

When my soulmate dog Sawyer died, I couldn’t find a officiant to lead his funeral. I’m now here if you need one.  My goal with all funerals is to honor your beloved and ease the passing for those left behind. Personalized eulogies, obituary writing and memorial websites also available.

Cape Coral Pet Funerals | Memorial Services
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Cape Coral House Blessings

House blessings are rituals designed to set the stage for eternal health, wealth, happiness and harmony in your home. Schedule one for a new home or an existing home that needs an energetic refresh. Similar rituals include house cleansing  and space purification. We can customize any blessing. 

Cape Coral House Blessings | Space Purification
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Cape Coral Pet Blessings, Animal Reiki

My dogs are my children and they absolutely love the Reiki and blessing ceremonies I offer them regularly. Would love to do the same for your fur children. 

Cape Coral Dog Reiki | Blessing of the Animals | Dog Baptisms + Healing Rituals
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Hire Motivational Speaker Rynski

Available for online speaking gigs and in-person events, my presentations have won awards for being humorous, engaging and memorable. Choose from existing topics or have me create a customized presentation specific to your group. 

TALK: Dogs as Our Spiritual Teachers 

30-minute talk on what we can learn from our canine brothers and sisters.

TALK: 3 Ways to Trade Stress for Serenity

30-minute talk outlining how we create stress and hold on to suffering - and how to stop it.

How to Get Through Hell on Earth without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome

60-minute speaking presentation stocked with life lessons based on my book of the same name.


Wonderful, honest, heartbreaking, intelligent and hilarious!

I could not put Ryn's book down! It made me cry, laugh out loud and truly think about how to be a better person and get the most out of life. It is written like the author is here with me telling me her story through a conversation. It is brutally honest, intelligent, heartbreaking and hilarious as she tells of her darkest, hardest moments and how she got through to a bright and beautiful life. I am grateful to the author for sharing her story and her tools for continuous improvement to help others make beautiful life of their own. This book will stick with me and I will go back to it a lot for years to come to revisit the words of wisdom.

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'The most fun I've ever had in a workshop is when I had a workshop with Rynski.'

Hire workshop leader Rynski for your next event, or choose from a library of prerecorded workshops (and meditations) to attain and maintain higher states of consciousness. Practical tips mingled with spiritual truths. 

Live Workshops 

Live workshops last 60 minutes and can be conducted in person or online.

On-Demand Video Workshops

Prerecorded workshops are available in the Wild Souls Workshop Library. Library videos are FREE TO WILD SOUL MEMBERS.


"There are few places I'd rather be than drowning in a sea of dog."

-Rynski (with Elmo, Tuca and Jim the background wolf)

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"I wanted to say – thank you. It’s truly beautiful what you do. I’ve told MANY people about the Reiki healing sessions. I especially emphasize the impact it had considering it was virtual and the connection, and the brilliance of your craft.”


"Oh my goodness your magical healing purple energy ball of healing today…, soo good!!!! I felt wonderful."


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