We can't control what life throws at us, but we can control what we do with it. 


Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life. 


If you're going through hell, keep going. 

-Winston Churchill


but you can call me Rynski.


I'll start by saying I'm a Gemini. That helps explain why I'm a spiritual joy infusion coach but also a writer, artist, speaker, Reiki master, crystal enthusiast and dog mom who shines in the sun and swoons under the moon.

So many passions – so little time! 

Actually, I never fit neatly into a little box. Most of us don't. And the beauty of it is, we don't have to. Life is one big playground, a smorgasbord of joy – and we deserve to taste every last morsel. 


...or at least non-morose


I wasn't always as happy as I am today. People actually used to call me morose. And that was one of the nicer adjectives.

I spent the first 29 years of my life on a drunken whirlwind tour of self-destruction that nearly killed me. When I realized I wanted to live and entered recovery in 1999, I had decades worth of emotions that I never dealt with.

When my soul mate dog died in 2014, I found out in a big way that one of those emotions was grief. Whoa.

It wasn't just the grief of losing Sawyer (although that alone was huge). It was the grief from an entire lifetime of losses that ripped through my soul. 

But I got through to the other side. Working through my grief shed so much light and released so much anguish, that I knew I wanted to help others experience the same kind of buoyancy and freedom.

So I finally wrote my life story, giving it a short and sweet title: How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome. My aim was to share inspiration, hope and laughter. To show people you can recover and heal from anything. 

I also focused my coaching efforts in an area where I had tons of experience, spot-on qualifications and clients with the most remarkable transformations.

Spiritual Joy Infusion Coaching

I help you infuse joy into your life by teaching you how to move through pain and into a blissful experience. 

Start your transformation with my Joy Infusion Mastermind. It's a proven combination of coaching, Reiki energy therapy and meditative journeys to promote healing. 

If healing from grief, trauma and other low-vibrational emotions sounds good to you, join us on this life-changing adventure.

Hope to see you soon!



Sawyer "The Bubble" Gargulinski

"The spiritual practices Ryn taught me changed my life. I continue to use them daily, years later. They opened a whole new world to me."

CK, Speech Therapist

"Ryn makes people better and I like better people." 

TG, Artist

Rynski Certifications, Degrees, Awards, Fun Facts



  • Certified Recovery Coach, International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)
  • Certified Professional Coach (IAPRC)
  • Certified SHE RECOVERS Coach
  • Certified Reiki Master/Teacher Level III Certification in Reiki Method of Natural Healing


  • Master of Arts (MA): English literature with a thesis on the Folklore of NYC Subway Workers | Brooklyn College
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): Creative writing; French minor | Brooklyn College 


  • 10+ books (HINT: HELL book is the best so far) | Amazon Author Page
  • 7 States: Originally from Michigan, Rynski has lived in NYC, NM, CA, OR, AZ and FL
  • 18+ Awards for writing, art and presentations, including: best feature column; best humor column; best in bowling journalism (no kidding!); poetry; funniest person in Brooklyn
  • 527 Times (approx.) Ryn should have been dead from stupid drunken antics
  • 7,220 Google results for "Ryn Gargulinski" – and none are police records!