100 Days of Inner Joy

Ascension by Immersion

It took years of practice to really cement the negative ways of thinking, doing and being that the human mindset fed us.

But now we're ready to fast-track its eradication by replacing it with positive ways of thinking, doing and being. 

 Find out what 100 days of immersion into inner joy can do!

Based on my "Big Book of Illustrated Affirmations," this course serves up 100 inspirational videos. They contain an affirmation, a Rynski riff on the affirmation and a daily blessing. The videos are quick enough for a perk-me-up any time of the day – but powerful enough to provide a solid daily dose of Wild Soul medicine.

  By the end of the course, the goal is to be so immersed in Wild Soul glory that you'll have no choice but to shine.

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What are you waiting for... another ho-hum day?


  • 100 quick and powerful videos
  • Burst of inspiration
  • Thought to ponder in the shower, car or when you're hugging your dog (or cat)
  • Quick tips on recalibrating your whole way of being
  • A daily blessing infused with Reiki and all the love of God

You will also get: 

  • Tips for attaining ongoing peace of mind

  • Immersion into inner joy

  • Perfect way to start, end or take a break throughout your day

  • Love, light and laughter – which just so happens to come with all my offerings

Secure Your Spot Now - Launching in July

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Meet Your Fellow Wild Soul Guide


Ryn Gargulinski [Rynski] has been helping others heal and grow for the past two decades, ever since she entered recovery from alcohol in 1999. As an author, artist, Reiki master, motivational speaker and avid animal lover, she facilitates healing through her speaking engagements, healing sessions, artwork, animal medicine and her more than 10 inspirational books. She knows all too well what it's like to be trapped in hell on earth, which is why she is so passionate about helping other Wild Souls transcend the third-dimensional illusion to set themselves free.

What People Say About Their Experiences with Rynski


“I’ve had Reiki many times before, but none have been as much powerful or fun as Reiki with Rynski.”


“The night after our cord-cutting Reiki with St. Michael, I had a dream about a giant strong man who was leading and watching over me. When I described him to a spiritually minded friend without telling her about our session, she immediately said ‘that was Archangel Michael.’”


“Near the end of the session, right after you said I was empowered by the loving light of the universe, I heard a voice whisper in my ear: ‘Remember who you are!’ The voice was warm and comforting. A Reiki angel!”


“Ryn is a spiritual powerhouse. High Priestess of the Spiritual Joyride is the perfect description for her engaging and spunky style."


"Ryn has a very distinctive style which I just love. Her book of Affirmations is perfect for starting your day, or just picking up and opening anywhere for a dose of "Affirmation" to brighten your day. I recommend this book and any of Ryn's other books. She has such a great outlook on life and her illustrations and writings have always made me smile. Happy reading 📚.

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