We are children of the Light who refuse to be contained.

Fed up with the outer world?  

Stop focusing in it.  

Focus on the Love, Light and Power of Spirit instead. 

Until we rise above the outer world's insanity, all we're doing is adding to it. 

Join us in the ascension to higher-dimensional living.

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The wolf is the epitome of the Wild Spirit

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. 

But all too often we forget that, getting caught up in the worldly woes that only serve to tangle us up and drag us down. Sanctuary of the Wild Souls was created to help with the great untangling, rewilding our souls to their natural state of curiosity, creativity and joy.

We gather to remember this. We gather to rejoice in it.


"I help fellow Wild Souls unleash their full power and potential by teaching them how to attain and maintain higher states of consciousness." 


Meet Rynski

I'm Ryn Gargulinski, but you can call me Rynski. No matter how much joy I've felt and emanated since entering recovery in 1999, I still had an underlying prickliness. I FINALLY figured out why: my soul felt trapped, like a cornered animal, tethered by the constructs of this outer world. Not anymore. I'm now on a perpetual journey of higher-dimensional freedom. I created Sanctuary of the Wild Souls to connect with kindred spirits who wish to join me on the spiritual joyride. 


We Don't Like the Rules.

So We're Changing Them. 

We tried playing by the so-called rules of the third-dimensional world, but our souls keep screaming out in agony.

The agony may have manifested as depression, rage, hatred, self-sabotage, destructive behaviors¬†‚Äď or any combination of the above.¬†

We had this underlying feeling that we didn't fit into this third-dimensional construct. Because we don't. 

Instead of continuing to strangle our souls in a feeble attempt to fit, it's high time to break that rusty cage ‚Äď and soar.

Heck with the conventional. We're doing God-led supernatural.


"We don't revolt by fighting against.

We revolt by rising above."


High Priestess of the Spiritual Joyride

Guidance + Tools We Use to Dwell in Higher States of Consciousness 

Many of us have been taught that there is only "one way" to achieve spiritual enlightenment (or even live here on earth). That "way" was often stale, constricting and rather boring. 

We were also told if that prescribed way doesn't work for us, we must not be doing it "right." Wrong. As individualized embodiments of Spirit, everybody's journey is different. Cookie-cutter stifles our souls. That's why Sanctuary of the Wild Souls combines a wide range of guidance and tools for us to use in our spiritual practices. Take what you like, leave the rest. 

Spiritual teachers, guides, practices and tools include, but are not limited to:


  • God, Higher Power, Source of All That Is - whatever term you prefer
  • Jesus
  • Spirit animals¬†
  • Nature
  • Archangels, guardian angels, other angels (that don't live in hell and declare war on God)
  • Saints
  • Buddha
  • Ascended masters
  • The moon, the sun, star families and other cosmic entities
  • White Buffalo Calf Woman and other supernatural entities with positive intentions
  • Other beings of light with positive intentions¬†¬†


  • Reiki
  • Other energy work, such as aura cleansing, space clearing, cord cutting
  • Activations and attunements to wake up and unleash our psychic and supernatural gifts¬†
  • 12 Steps adapted for everyone
  • Prayer and meditation, solo and with others
  • Ceremonies and rituals
  • Positive affirmations
  • Light language
  • Yoga
  • Dance, nature walks, movement
  • Beach time, decompression time, being still
  • Journaling
  • Art, creative expression
  • The Bible and other books that give us goosebumps
  • Workshops, gatherings
Wild Souls Mantra by Rynski | High Priestess of the Spiritual Joyride

We are children of Love. We are children of Light.

You can't dim us down. Our souls are too bright.

Our spirits are joyful. Our spirits are wild. 

We ascend to high places with God on our side.

Spiritual Joyride ... Who's Comin'?

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God-Led Supernatural As a Way of Life