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"Ryn is a spiritual powerhouse." 

SB, Physical Therapist

"Ryn intuitively knew EXACTLY what I needed to focus on, and when. She is an excellent coach who helped me immensely."

HP, Retired Instructor

"I felt safe enough to tell Ryn things I never told anyone. She helped me look at and heal issues that went even deeper than my grief. I have found peace again. Thank you!" 

GM, Teacher


Clear Out the Old to Make Room for the Joy 

Joy is so much easier to embrace for the long haul if you clear out the old emotions, beliefs and other debris that no longer serves you. Learn how with tips from my free Life Force Energy Reactivation Masterclass. 

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I'm Ryn Gargulinski. 

But you can call me 


I'm a spiritual coach, speaker, artist, Reiki master and award-winning author who knows how much courage it takes to move through pain.

But if I can do it, you can do it.   

My first real walk through pain was the agony of grief. And it was more like an extended hike. It happened when my soul mate dog died in 2014 – and it was the first time I met grief and its connected agony without the option of drinking it away.

I honestly thought the grief would kill me.

I wasn’t only feeling the grief of Sawyer’s loss, but I was feeling the residual grief, trauma and pain of an entire lifetime that I had previously drowned in alcohol before entering recovery in 1999.

Sawyer’s death was the catalyst that exploded a whole volcano, erupting the mountain of pain from other losses I had thought would stay neatly buried in my soul forever. They didn’t. And they won’t.

I had no option but to walk through the pain.

I didn’t do it alone. I had the power of support groups, professional help and Spirit on my side. I took action, followed suggestions, relied heavily on my angels, guides and the Universe, and implemented my own meditations, prayers, habits and methods for processing the emotion.

It worked. I can now think of Sawyer without the constant pain. I instead feel warm waves of love, laughter and gratitude for having him in my life.

When my dad died two years later, not only was I able to use the same process for myself, but I was able to help my mom through her grief.

Other people who had experienced loss began to reach out to me. I was able to help them, too. 

It was then I realized I had a gift that was too special not to share: a way to help people move through grief and pain and into a blissful life transformation.

The Rynski Joy Infusion Experience was born. 

If you are ready to reclaim joy and heal from loss, I'm here for you. I invite you  to join my Joy Infusion Mastermind – or schedule a call just to talk.

I am here to guide you through the pain and into the bliss. You are not alone. 




"You have so much strength inside you, enough to carry you through anything."



Select the journey that feels right for you based on where you are and your desired level of transformation.

Joy Infusion Workshops, Reiki + Coaching Intensives

Workshops, Reiki, and coaching sessions and packages to support the healing process.  

Immediate and supportive action for healing and release


LEVEL 1 - Joy Infusion Mastermind: How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome

Package containing the Rynski Joy Infusion Experience that combines coaching, Reiki and meditative journeys with additional bonuses. Based on and named after Ryn's highly acclaimed "Get Through Hell on Earth" book.

For deep healing and release as you move through through pain, grief, trauma and/or really bad hair days


LEVEL 2 - Joy Infusion Mastermind: Ascension into the Fifth Dimension 

Advanced coaching package containing coaching, Reiki healing sessions, meditative journeys and many additional bonuses. 

For moving forward onward and upward to attain and maintain the highest levels of joy and vibrational frequencies as a way of life



I help you infuse joy into your life by teaching you how to move through pain and into a blissful existence. 

The Rynski Joy Infusion Masterminds incorporate proven techniques to help you heal and release all that no longer serves you, making plenty of room for joy to come in.


Releasing and processing emotions is the only way any healing can begin. It's also the focus of my Joy Infusion Coaching Intensives.


Healing is most effective when you are in a balanced state. You have a variety of methods to use to get you there, all of which are introduced in my Level 1 Joy Infusion Mastermind: How to Get Through Hell on Earth.... 


My Level 1 Mastermind takes you from the release, through the healing, and up to the doorway of success. You can chose to move forward from there on your own, or receive even more guidance and support with my Level 2 Joy Infusion Mastermind: Ascension Package.


'I can see why Ryn's writing wins awards.'


by Ryn Gargulinski  

Rynski went from a scruffy drunken rebel without a house on the streets of New York City to an award-winning writer, artist and speaker thriving in Florida (who is only scruffy every other Thursday). 

This book tells you how it happened, complete with handy tips along the way. Come along for the ride, and you’ll discover: 

  • How to get out of kissing a scrawny squatter without making him mad 
  • What happens when you drink an entire bottle of gin in 52 seconds 
  • Why it’s dangerous to date people who keep crossbows under their bed
  • Tips for attaining, maintaining and falling in love with a life in recovery
  • How to create a personalized spiritual connection that gives you everything you need to thrive…and more! 

This journey of recovery and self-discovery comes with real-life lessons and strategies for making magic in your own life.  

Written in Ryn’s brutally honest, no-nonsense style, get ready to laugh, learn and perhaps pick up a lesson or two about transforming even the greatest hell into something that helps you grow and soar. 


Do you have room for joy to come in? 

Trying to pile joy on top of suffering doesn't work. You first have to clear out the old to make room for the new. Check out my free Life Force Energy Reactivation Masterclass to find out how. 

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