You're on the Struggle Bus if:

  • You try to control things.
  • You think if you just PUSH HARDER you will succeed.
  • You have trouble relaxing.
  • You worry. A lot.
  • You go nuts making decisions. And when you finally make one, you second-guess and third-guess and fourth-guess yourself.
  • You’re frequently overwhelmed, burnt out and full of anxiety.
  • Sleep comes in fits and starts, if at all.
  • You hold on to resentments, anger, grudges, guilt and old outfits that either no longer fit and/or you know you’ll never wear in a million years.
  • Meditation is foreign.
  • Serenity is an unattainable concept.
  • Moments of peace are fleeting and few between.
  • You drink the Kool-Aid of humanness and stay stuck in the third-dimensional muck.

You're on the Magic Bus if: 

  • You relinquish all control to Spirit.
  • You KNOW if you trust in Spirit and do the next right thing you will succeed.
  • You make time to relax every single day.
  • You surrender your perceived problems, human-ness and will to the Divine.
  • You ask for divine guidance with decisions, letting Spirit lead.
  • You’re frequently filled with so much love, joy and creativity it makes you giggle – or even burst into gleeful guffaws.
  • Sleep comes naturally and beautifully.
  • You make a point of regularly releasing old habits, emotions and outfits.
  • Meditation is divine.
  • Serenity and peace are a way of life.
  • You drink from the fountain of love and float freely in the fourth and fifth dimensions. 

Trade the Struggle Bus for the Magic Bus


#1: Read the Rynski Hell Book

Life lessons + guidance for getting through anything

"Wow! What an amazingly written novel of Ryn’s journey through this thing we call life! Tools and knowledge to apply to anyone going thru literally anything! Beautiful story!"

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#2: Get the 12 Steps for Everyone Workbook

A roadmap for living happy, joyous and free

"This book is written by an author with an amazing sense of humor and tons of knowledge. She transforms what could have been a tedious and dry subject of working through the steps into a truly enjoyable experience.
It's both a roadmap and workbook with exercises that can lead anyone to a peaceful, less stressful and more fulfilling life."

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#3: Clear + Purify Your Space

Space Clearing Ritual Workshop 

Regularly cleanse and purify your space using this four-part ritual. Sweeping out the old makes room for fresh streams of joy, love and abundance to come in. Think of it as sweeping out the stagnant energetic dust bunnies from your home, work, body, mind and soul.  

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#4: Use the The Big Book of Illustrated Affirmations

Change your thoughts, change your life 

Affirmations are a prime tool to help you retrain your brain into positive thinking - which results in positive feeling and BEING. Enjoy 101 affirmations for confidence, wealth, love, abundance, creativity and more - all done up with quirky Rynski style. 

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#5: Join the Rynski Reiki Meditation Library

Guided Meditations infused with Reiki  

When you combine meditation, Reiki and creative visualizations, you get a formula that yields amazing results.

That's because meditation relaxes the self-made barriers that can block the healing process. We can go deeper into the subconscious and higher into the realms of Spirit, which is where the most profound healing takes place. 

Meditation library includes 11-week healing map to follow and Rynski chakra chart download.

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#6: Explore New Ways of Living + Being

Trade third-dimensional drama for fourth and fifth-dimensional delight

Learn how to elevate your consciousness so you can consistently exist in the fourth and fifth dimensions - where the real magic happens.

What you'll get:

  • Understanding of seven different dimensions in our universe
  • Ability to escape the gloom and doom thinking of third-dimensional living

  • Instant harmony, peace and magic from consistently living in the fourth and fifth dimensions

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#7: Live in the Magic - All The Time

Align yourself with the Magic of the Moon

Learn how to live by the rhythm and magic of the moon, manifesting greatness while planning projects, trips, activities and events using moon energy as your guide.

What you'll get:

  • Secrets to manifesting your heart's desire with every new moon
  • Rynski Moon Phase download
  • Tips for aligning your bodily rhythms with cosmic rhythms for the most efficient and effective use of energy
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Who We're Meant to Be

We spend the first part of our lives building up what we think we need...only to realize we've created a self-made prison from which our spirits scream to break free.


The 12 Steps for Everyone

Get all the joy, freedom and relief the 12 steps can bring to any life – without the years of hangovers that usually comes with the territory. Pretty cool deal indeed!

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The Big Book of Illustrated Affirmations

Change your thoughts, change your life. Includes affirmation do's and don'ts, along with 101 illustrated  affirmations done up in Rynski style. Retrain your brain.

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How to Get Through Hell on Earth

Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome 

Get all the joy, freedom and relief the 12 steps can bring to any life – without the years of hangovers that usually comes with the territory. Pretty cool deal indeed!

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