Morning Ritual for Grief Recovery

grief Mar 20, 2023
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“The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day." -Henry Ward Beecher 

Creating a morning ritual to adjust that rudder can propel you into delightful day every day. For the record, a ritual is simply a set of actions to achieve a desired outcome.

The desired outcome of a morning ritual is to set your day on a course of smooth sailing – instead of those hurly-burly frenzied days where all you seem to do is crash into the rocks. 

Morning rituals are particularly important for grief recovery because they:

  • Remind you how wonderful and worthy you are
  • Set the stage for balance and stability on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  • Help you focus on all the positive things in your world
  • Keep you moving forward toward the ongoing goal of healing  

I’ve been a big fan of the morning ritual for decades now. So much so, I even created a Rynski-ized 30-Day Miracle Manifestation Planner that not only adjusts your daily rudder but keeps you on track for reaching a new goal every month.

What Counts as a Miracle? 

You don't have to part the Red Sea to experience a miracle. A miracle can be any type of development you want to manifest with the help of your spiritual support team. They lead the way. You do the work on here on earth. This planner keeps you on track. Use it again and again to manifest an ongoing slate of miracles in your life. 

My version of the Miracle Manifestation Planner gives you a big hint of the kinds of things that make for an effective morning ritual. Entries include: 

  • Your intention for the day
  • Your meditation for the day
  • Some type of fitness activity for the day (more than one is OK!)
  • Mini gratitude list
  • Reminder of what you’re great at
  • Red Light | Green Light to transmutate negative catastrophizing into positive thinking that attracts positive outcome
  • Signs of Spirit working on your life
  • Quick daily tasks that take you closer to your 30-day miracle goal 

While that may seem like a lot, I find it’s just the right amount for starting the day off right. Additional items I always include in my own morning ritual are: 

  • Wakeup coffee on the lanai
  • Morning breath work where I breathe in the love and light
  • Morning prayer
  • Filling out my Miracle Manifestation Planner (of course)
  • Feeding, treating and hugging the dogs
  • Then on to my meditation, exercise and lineup of work for the day

One more big must is NOT touching my phone until after I’ve filled out my planner and fed the dogs. Grabbing for my phone first thing in the morning only served to pull me down all kinds of rabbit holes. 

Now I only touch it once I’m already stabilized and balanced – and have a purpose. Like doing my morning Wordle, crossword or round of Scrabble. These are very important purposes indeed, right? (Scrolling through gloom-and-doom headlines is not.) 

The Miracle Manifestation Planner is just one of the many tools in my Grief Recovery Mastermind. Click here to learn more about the Mastermind.


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