What Makes Your Heart Sing? This Project Helps You Remember

joy Jul 10, 2023

We all have many things that make our hearts sing – but we often get so wrapped up in the daily grind that we forget about them.

Only to find days, months, decades have gone by.

And our hearts haven't sung in years.

Yikes is right.

Make Your Heart Sing Now

If your heart is due for a concert, try this project. 

  1. Create a work of art or other project  with the theme "What Makes My Heart Sing." 
  2. Then create a presentation to deliver this info.

For extra credit – and an ongoing heart-happy chorus – put your finished project in a location where you'll see it every day.

My Heart Sing painting is a depiction of my dog Tuca, with his curly hair tendrils in gold, spelling out what brings me joy.

The painting is now in my office. But the real gem is what's in my heart every time I hug him or indulge in the things that make my heart sing.

Give it a go...and enjoy! 


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