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Bony Yoga: Must-Have Yoga Guide for Fun (and Skeletons)

joy bucket fodder rynski books Oct 04, 2023

You asked. I delivered. And that delivery comes in the form of the third edition of Bony Yoga.


Originally published in 2005 and again in 2014, this all-time favorite yoga guide is a favorite for a reason.

What's 'Bony Yoga?'

Bony Yoga is a real-life yoga guide featuring my signature skeletal creations in all sorts of traditional yoga posses – with all sorts of untraditional commentary running beneath them.

You're going to laugh out loud. Promise.

Why Skeletons?

I've been drawing skeletons since I was a kid, mainly because they are easier to draw then people with their skin on skin.

When I started practicing yoga in 1999, I started drawing skeletons doing yoga to give myself a better idea of how my body needed to be positioned in poses. Bones don’t lie.

And neither do these folks who are madly in love with this adorable collection.

What People Say About Bony Yoga

Do you have any Bony Yoga copies left in stock? I want to buy at least 10 of them for Christmas gifts. | MA, Librarian (one of the folks who urged me to create a third edition when she found out I didn't have of the other now-out-of-print editions on hand.

I gave a copy of Bony Yoga to my yoga teacher. She absolutely LOVED it...and she even bought MORE for her teacher friends. | GM, School teacher

If you're interested in learning the correct yoga positions and smiling at the same time, this book is for you. Would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift! | Happy reader (who obviously LOVES!! her mother)

Get Your Copy Now

Although the yoga skeletons do align nicely with Halloween (pun intended), Bony Yoga is one of those classics that can be enjoyed all year long.

Click this link to get your copy now.  



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