Workshop: Space Clearing Ritual

Refresh and woosh out lingering, low-vibrational energy.

Transform your space into a cleansed, purified and positive place primed for abundance to come in.

This video gives you step-by-step instructions for a space clearing ritual you can use for your home, office and hotel rooms while traveling.  

I use it monthly in my home to remove energetic dust bunnies and keep my space vibrant and clean. 

It's also great to remove unwanted, stale or lingering energy after arguments, breakdowns, bad house guests or any other low-vibe debris. 

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Workshop: Escape the Third-Dimensional Rate Race - Explore Higher Dimensions in Your Merkaba 

Get out of the third-dimensional rat race by learning how to ascend into higher dimensional realities in your Merkaba vehicle of light. 

This video gives you a rundown on:

  • What the Merkaba vehicle of light is
  • Seven different dimensional realities
  • Exploring those dimensions in your Merkaba 

I initially ascended into fourth-dimensional living throughout my years in recovery. Yesss! Taste the difference for yourself with this workshop.

BUY NOW: $59

Intensive Release Coaching Sessions 

Perfect to release the intense shock, disbelief, and other strong emotions that come from grief, trauma and other painful experiences.

Each intensive session gives you a safe and sacred space to release what you need to release.

We'll clear your energy channels even further with a Reiki chakra cleanse.

You'll then receive a few techniques you can use moving forward to process and release emotions as they emerge. 

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Reiki Healing Sessions  

Designed to provide relaxation, release and relief, Rynski Reiki healing intensives are sessions where you're invited to lie back, relax and let Reiki do its thing.   

What does Reiki do? 

Reiki is intelligent energy that knows what you need, how much you need, and where you need it most. Once we invite it to flow through you, it will do exactly what it needs to do for the greatest good.  

While we can direct it to flow to a certain area where you may be experiencing pain, that area may only be exhibiting a surface symptom that's not the main source of the pain. Reiki will know to go to the source where the true healing can take place. 

Reiki affects everyone differently. And even if you feel nothing, that doesn't mean it's not working on a deeper level of which we're simply not consciously aware. 

Most people leave my Reiki sessions feeling relaxed and soothed and in less pain than they were before. 


I help you infuse joy into your life by teaching you how to move through pain and into a blissful experience.

I'm Ryn Gargulinski – but you can call me Rynski.

I'm an award-winning author, spiritual coach and Reiki master who has two dogs, one happy beau and 23+ years in recovery from alcohol. 

Start infusing joy into your life with my Level 1 Joy Infusion Mastermind: How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome. Click here to learn more. 

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