$44.00 USD

Add a set of four I AM affirmations to your purchase for audio AND visual pleasure and power.

Reiki Meditations for Healing

Embark on a healing journey that helps you enter a high-vibrational state of love and light.

What you'll get:

  • Unique lineup of meditative visualizations
  • "Reiki-ized" meditations with Reiki invited to flow during sessions
  • Recordings created by Reiki Master Ryn Gargulinski
  • Lifetime access to full meditation library
  • Rynski Chakra Chart and Healing Map downloads

Meditations are audio only. Don't listen to these while driving or operating a forklift or meat cutter. 

What People Are Saying:

Rynski has a way of making you feel grounded and soaring at the same time. I always feel so energized yet soothed after one her sessions. She's a gifted Reiki master and meditation leader.

Sarah N, Artist